2013-03-13 | Intelligent Performance | Street Cars

In our latest video from the Geneva Motor Show, Andreas Preuninger, Manager High Performance Cars, talks about the technical highlights of the new... Read more

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2013-03-11 | Intelligent Performance | Street Cars

The limit is the most exhilarating place. The final square centimeters have yet to be explored. This may be where others turn back, but for us, it is... Read more

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2013-03-04 | Intelligent Performance | Street Cars

The new Porsche 911 GT3 premieres this week at the Geneva International Motor Show. The completely-redeveloped fifth generation of the 911 GT3... Read more

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2013-02-19 | Intelligent Performance | Street Cars

The January 2013 Porsche Winter Driving Experience at Sugarbush Resort in Warren, VT, is a unique opportunity to experience the capabilities of the... Read more

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2013-02-13 | Heritage | Intelligent Performance

The Carrera RS, a 900 kg lightweight Porsche 911, initially delivered 300 bhp from 2.8 liter capacity in the racing version of the RSR, later 310 bhp... Read more

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