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One day I'll drive a Porsche. How about now?

We could go on about thrills and spills, adrenaline and incredible curves. Or about how loud your heart can pound in your chest. However, all we’ll say for now is that you never forget your first time. Are you ready for your first drive in a Porsche?

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How does Porsche Drive work?

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Start your road trip. Worldwide.

At selected locations and Porsche Centres with the highest standards of service and quality, you can rent your dream Porsche.

Whether winding country lanes or motorway journeys towards the sea, Porsche Drive Rental has the perfect companion for your road trip. Enjoy a short getaway in the fast lane and discover new perspectives.

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Fuel consumption and emissions

718 models
9.2 - 7.9
l/100 km
210 - 180
911 models
13.8 - 9.0
l/100 km
317 - 206
Cayenne models
11.4 - 9.1
l/100 km
261 - 207
Cayenne E-Hybrid models
3.9 - 3.1
l/100 km
90 - 70
19.6 - 17.6
kwh/100 km
Macan models
9.8 - 8.1
l/100 km
224 - 185
Panamera models
10.4 - 8.4
l/100 km
238 - 192
Panamera E-Hybrid models
2.7 - 2.6
l/100 km
62 - 60
16.1 - 16.0
kwh/100 km
Taycan models
26.9 - 24.6
kwh/100 km

Things you should know before you get going:

  • Drivers have to be at least 27 years old.
  • Drivers must have held a valid driving licence for at least five years.
  • Payments can only be made by using a valid credit card.
  • There will be a security deposit of 2.500,00 € + the rental price for the time you will be using the car.
  • A valid passport / ID card and international driving permission + driver licence are required.
  • As a Porsche Club member or Porsche Card S owner you will receive an exclusive 10 percent discount on all Porsche Drive rates at the Porsche Drive counter on presentation of your club member card/Porsche Card S.
  • There are no extra costs for additional drivers. Please note that the regular requirements apply for addidtional drivers as well.